Illustrating Sports - From mainstream to crazy
Over the last few years I have illustrated tons of sports magazines, social media and advertising. I am a casual sport fan, so it´s not something I had planned, but drawing about sports soon became one of my most requested gigs...and it is A LOT of fun. Besides the competition itself ( from basketball to boxing or cherry spitting ), there are always divas, rivalries, drama and a few epic stories. Here are some of my favourite drawings, thanks for taking a look !!
A second before the goal worth a League - Bayern Muenchen Magazine "51"
Brawls, orange rains, mascots stolen...the Miami-Florida rivalry - ESPN online
A Story of Redemption - Brady Leavold for Sportsnet
The most terrible Pitchers hitting - Sports Illustrated ( opener )
Coming Back from Maternity Leave to win it all - Sportsnet
The crazy life of boxer Deontay Wilder - ESPN special online feature
Baseball in the times of Covid19 - ESPN online feature
Holiday Card for The New York Knicks
EL OCHO sports : Cherry spit, log toss, slippery stairs and cornhole, among other gems. - ESPN online
The Healthy Habits of a Fantasy Football Player - ESPN the magazine special edition Fantasy Football 2021
An accurate ( or maybe not ) history of Football origins - ESPN the magazine
Cover for Luxury Magazine Robb Report about the hottest sports and locations
Life of Patrick Engelbrecht, Toronto Raptors Basketball Scout -Sportsnet
A new generation of NFL draft talents - Fandom + NFL
Brezels, Beer and Bundesliga - ESPN online
The technique and math behind Scouting NFL talents - ESPN online feature
A well deserved rest after winning last year´s championships - Bleacher Report
Record Breakers - ESPN
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