Weekly Illustrations and portraits for ESPN´s NFL viewer´s guide. 
Art directed by Chin Wang and Christopher Delisle
Eagles vs. Cardinals for "The Game of the Week"
Aaron Rodgers told some critic fans to relax, then everything worked great
49ers trying to stop the stunning performance of Peyton Manning
Arian Foster is again ready to rock
Ty Hilton in his springboard year
DeMarco Murray rushing vs. Seattle Seahawks
Matt Forté breaking some catch records.
Matt Ryan is a Quarterback to watch (specially when he plays at home)
Tom Bradley facing the challenge of the Bengals fierce defense.
Andrew Luck´s arm is a cannon
Steve Smith comeback with the Ravens
Colin Kaepernick facing the Eagles
Philip Rivers charged his batteries to face the Jaguars!
DeMarco Murray on his way to break some records for the Cowboys
Wilson vs. Manning - revenge on Week 3!
Seahawks killer defense
Aaron Rogers outstanding performance against Vikings, Lions and Bears.
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