This comic-book was commissioned and published by Housing Works as a part of their communication strategy to end AIDS in New York : reducing the viral load to minimum levels (undetectable) can bring people living with AIDS to optimum health, as well as reduce new HIV infections dramatically.
And this is how The Undetectables were born!
Teaser Poster for "The Undetectables" campaign
Final character design in "classified" teaser booklet. No Spandex, just cool leather jackets :-)
The Undetectables are Relentless Advocate, Harm Reducer, Gender Warrior and their friend Terrance.
A group of HIV+ superheroes living in the New York city area and fighting for their community.
Their enemy is the misterious Stigma and his evil gang:  Phear, Apatha and Denial.
Other collateral material like posters and "viral-load tracker" booklets were produced along with the comic-book to distribute at Housing Works.
The Undetectables 
Written by Thomas Cardamone & Ben Tuttle
Art by Rafa Alvarez, Coloring Assistant Lourdes Cardenal
Creative Director Juan Astasio
Design and Undetectables Logo by Ben Tuttle
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