Collection of recent digital illustrations for magazines, different projects or just for fun.​​​​​​​
Never text and drive! . Illustration for the New York Times Sunday Business. Art Directed by Minh Uong
The Muse. Editorial drawing for Art Magazine Opticks.
Happily updated ever after . Personal piece to promote my talk about illustration at the Apple store Upper West in New York.
Night Night. Personal piece to promote my talk about illustration at the Apple Store Upper West in New York.
Little process drawing of the illustration above. I pretty much used as reference all the animal toys I had at hand :-D
Starway to Court. Editorial piece for Billboard Magazine about Led Zeppelin copyright lawsuit. Art Directed by Chris Elsemore.
The $700 bottle. Piece for The Wall Street Journal about expensive business meetings. Art Directed by Marlene Szczesny
Spicing up Philantropy events. Editorial for The Hollywood Reporter. Art Directed by Nicholas Brawley
Halloween Battle: Urban Tribes vs. Ancestral Tribes. Just a poster for a friend´s costume party
Berlin Art goes Digital. Personal drawing to promote my workshop for the School of Visual Arts in Berlin.
10 of Hearts. For 52 Aces, a limited edition card deck illustrated by artists all over the world. Designed by Zeixs.
Summer in Berlin. Personal piecelassic New Yorker homage /knock off  :-)
Thanks for taking a look! 
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