I enjoy creating images where graphic shapes outline or hide elements. And drawing tons of people. Or both at the same time. Here are some. Hope you like them.
"Night Witness" 
"Summer in the city"
"Go get a muse!"
"Champagne Twilight" - concept art/colored sketch for a famous champagne brand
Snowwhite for Korean publisher Tamkoo
"After the storm" (if somebody is wondering, yes, I love Tomer Hanuka´s art ;-)
"We have the whole day"
"Color theory"
Fragment of a Mural for Cortefiel Retail Group offices in Spain (280x100 inches)
"And Dr Tenacious smiled when he noticed that this Valentine´s day, the Red Raven had kicked him remarkably softer..."
Concept art for Sixpoint Brewery - Full version
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