I have always liked to add depth to my digital illustrations using parallax and ambient effects. I recently discovered the app Mental Canvas, which allows to create 3d environments using raster 2d assets so I explored some immersive art.  
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Back to Brooklyn
For my first experiment in Mental Canvas I used an old digital drawing I had around. I had already animated the rain and motorbike in the past to create a looping .GIF so this time I tried the opposite, freezing the scene to fly through the rain.
Video output and gesture interaction - music : Televangel 800 Star Constellation (free in GoPro app) 
Monkey Business
This piece was created end to end on the tablet with the idea of making a mini sequential story. Drawings were made in Procreate and 3d spacial layout in Mental Canvas. Below sketches, process and gesture exploration.
Hi-Res Styleframe
Video output and gesture interaction  - Music : Hardcore Punk Intro from freesound.org ( user AR_503 , Creative Commons 0)
Sketch and asset layers
Drawing Process Time - Lapse 
The Freelancer Dad
I had done this drawing a while ago as a homage to parenting artists and after discovering Mental Canvas I wanted to test if I could use the app to allow the concert scene to be navigated both from the backstage and from the mosh pit :-)
Original Digital Illustration - Personal Work
Video output and gesture interaction  - Music : Country Bumpkin from freesound.org ( user Beetlemuse , Creative Commons 0)
The Original was done combining a few programs ( Manga Studio, Photoshop ...),  but the original crowd was hand-drawn with pen and ink!
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