Hotel Pandemonium - App walkthrough and more artwork

Some months ago I posted some artwork of my Thesis project at MFA Illustration at SVA, an interactive "pulp" story that basically worked like those books from the 80s, with different choices and endings, but adding some cinematic feeling and noir atmosphere.

The feedback was great and recently it received an American Illustration International Motion Arts Award (2012). Although the app is a still a student licensed beta (not available yet in the app store), it´s fully functional so I mirrored it in my computer and made this short video walkthrough.

Hope you enjoy it...thanks for visiting and following! (Note: For larger HD version, click on the link to go directly to Vimeo)
App written, illustrated and programmed by Rafa Alvarez
Thesis illustration advisor: Marcos Chin
Tech advisor : Matthew Richmond
Thesis Coordinator: David Sandlin
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