From Sketchbook to Magazines
Rough pencils, inks and final piece. Editorial discard (image published in visual arts magazine Carnemag)
Sketches and final (an edgier, less explicit version of an old illustration about long distance relationships that got pretty popular on internet ) for Germany´s Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine.
From Sketchbook to Web and Tablets
Process of an image from my iPad ebook Hotel Pandemonium. Original pencils, inks, reviews, embarrassing photo reference, and final with After Effects...
"Extremophiles : Water Bears and Freelancers"  blog entry talking about surviving in NY being self- employed. Loose sketch, inks and final GIF.
From Sketchbook to Posters
Illustration for the Posters Re-Covered section of design blog The Fox is Black (Battle Royale)
Rough brushpen sketch, inks, final
From Sketchbook to T-shirts
T-shirts I have drawn as presents and for contests....ideas, finals, color separations and final t-shirts.
From sketchbook to Children´s Books
Last year I re-illustrated SnowWhite for Korean publisher Tamkoo. Tons of fun to trying to make my characters and backgrounds simpler and cuter than usual :-) Below sketchbook pencils vs. finals
I sketch with an Alvin pro-matic 2mm lead holder or Adobe Photoshop.
I ink with a Windsor&Newton series 7 brush + PH Martin´s Blackstar matte ink or SM Manga Studio.
Digital Color with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Intuous5
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