Here are some pieces I have done in the last months for magazines or just for fun. I try to keep to balance the comic-book feeling (line and color) with interesting concepts and negative space.
"The not-a-scientist assistant" for The New York Times Sunday Business
"The Fantastic Four" - Illustration for
"The breakup" - Personal piece - love series
"The Date" - Personal piece - Love series
"The i-dealist" - Personal piece which also ended up as Cover for Bombsnow Magazine
"Hiding in plain sight " - ESPN magazine (final version showed a cleaner, more populated street)
"Meanwhile, your gut bacteria..." for Scientific American
"The shadow of power" - personal piece,  for "La Boca Erotica" festival (theme Politics)
Unpublished piece about Zack Greinke commissioned by ESPN magazine
"A Buck for a dream" - ESPN magazine
NFL Draft, Kiper and McShay head-to-head. Illustration for
Kill Bill "animated" postcard. Personal fan art commissioned by the School of Visual Arts of New York to thank Mark Ulano (SVA alumni, Academy Award winner and sound engineer in many Tarantino movies) for visiting/inspiring a class. Below the simple looping/moving version.
Awkward self portrait in a mirror
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