Story for ESPN the magazine about Deandre Jordan changing his mind about being the Mavericks´ flagship player to finally stay in the Clippers. Mostly thanks to his friends, chicken wings and tons of emojis. Really fun story to draw, art directed by Rami Moghadan and turned into online parallax awesomeness by art director Neil Jamieson.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban thought he had seduced Deandre with the glamour of being the star player in Dallas.
...but as his mentor John Lucas soon find out, the decision was not so clear...
His buddy Blake Griffin hung up the phone and jumped into a plane.
Mark Cuban could feel something wasn´t working and sent Chandler Parsons to take a look and talk to Deandre all become a twitter war of transport emojis in a matter of minutes, including banana boats and rockets.
...nothing like a chill night of video games, poker and fried chicken to clear that mess...
Finally things got quieter...
...and Deandre stayed with his buddies at LA, celebrating the signing with champagne!
Below some digital sketches and discarded ideas!
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