An entire year in Sports
2016 was a pretty intense year when it comes to sport achievements. We witnessed sport legends retire, new heroes arise, epic playoff comebacks, underdogs making it to the top, unexpected fights, and a bunch of awkward social media moments.
CBS Sports contacted me to make a compilation of some of the most iconic  -from an American perspective, at least!- in a tiny drawing (mostly used in social media) so here it goes! Sport fans, can you spot them all?
From upper left corner to bottom right:
Cavaliers comeback vs Golden State Warriors / JR Smith goes shirtless / Westbrook dunking over Durant / Kobe Bryant retires / Duncan and Garnett wave goodbye too / Aaron Gordon dunk contest / Another championship for Women NCAA Huskies/ Crosby holding cup with Phil Kessel / Mike Gundy mullet / Cam Newton famous outfit / Odell Beckham proposing to a net/ unhappy Hue Jackson / Jim Harbaugh furious with headset / Urban Meyer eating pizza / Dak Prescott taking over Tony Romo / Ezekiel Elliott Crop Top shirt / Maquette King dancing with flag / David Ortiz drops the mic / Broncos win the Superbowl / Chicago cubs win the world series and upset Indians fans, with an epic playoff comeback / Connor McGregor throws a bottle to Nate Diaz / Odor punches Bautista / Goldberg Screams / Bartolo Colon HR / Dee Gordon crying / Alex Rodriguez waves goodbye / Tebow crashes against a wall / Cristiano Ronaldo gets all the trophies / Ledecky , Biles and crazy-concentrated-Phelps / Vardy from Leicester holds Premier League cup / Jenkins shot in the buzzer, Jay Wright keeps calm / stern Saban holds CFP trophy / Tiger Woods goes awkward in Twitter / Johnson holds seventh Nascar cup / Usain Bolt impossible lookback / Serena Williams wins Wimbledon. 

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