Since I became a full-time illustrator I have claimed often that I gave up on comics. However, I have been doing this quick little pages for Spanish magazine AUX for more than 3 most regular assignment of all time!.
With "The Terrible Truth Behind..." ("La Terrible Verdad Tras...") I could invent a new story every issue, from goofy explanations about random stuff to Spanish politics. From the elves playing in your iPod to world economics. Although some pages include jokes and references that get lost in translation, some others made it to MoCCA Festival (NY) and cartoon exhibitions in Germany as compilations or printouts.
"The Terrible Truth Behind... Globalization" (2013)
"The Terrible Truth Behind...Being Cool!" (2012)
"The Terrible Truth Behind...Monsters" (2013)
A tough one to translate, little sarcastic tale about everyday monsters (feat. our beloved president Mr. Rajoy)
"The Terrible Truth Behind...Love" (2009)
"The Terrible Truth Behind...Christmas Crisis" (2011)
The financial situation in Spain became a recurring topic. Note: We might have embraced Santa but most stay true to the 3 kings (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar) or the even more traditional Olentzero (Basque Country).
"The Terrible Truth Behind...Your MP3 player (2009)
"The Terrible Truth Behind...These hard times" (2010)
"The Terrible Truth Behind...The Beach Freaks" (2010)
Introducing "The Terrible Truth Behind..." (First page in 2009)
Many "Terrible Truths" about politicians, computers, long distance relationships, monarchy, summer songs, art, parents and new technologies, life on mars, hangovers, self-employed, economists, cupid...and more to come!
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